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Delivery Timeframes

Shipping Times

New Zealand orders ship immediately and usually take between 4 and 14 days to arrive at their destination. However, deliveries can take longer from time to time.

International orders most often take between 8 and 25 days to arrive at their destination, but sometimes take up to 40 days depending on where you are in the World.

Our system will keep you up to date with significant tracking movements.

Failed Deliveries

Failed deliveries will stay at your local post office for a period of time before being returned to us. Please contact your local post office if your tracking shows a failed delivery.

Customs, damned Customs...

Our packages are nearly always beneath local taxation thresholds, but on very rare occasions deliveries are held by customs for various reasons.

This is out of our control and there is nothing that we can do to help you.

If it takes too long for customs to release your delivery, and if they haven't contacted you, please give them a call.

Stagnant Deliveries

Unfortunately the complexities of international shipping sometimes means that international packages can either be stuck in one place for a long time or the tracking information cannot be updated electronically for a long time.

This means that we cannot always get an accurate picture of where the package is, or how much longer it will take to get to its destination. Tracking will sometimes show an item sitting in one place half a world away for two weeks and the next day it will mysteriously arrive.

If your delivery remains stagnant for 14 days or more, please contact our support crew .